Aimee Challenor for Green Party Deputy Leader

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Aimee Challenor is standing to be your next Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Proud of doing politics differently,
Proud of our local parties,
Proud to be making a difference.

Vote for Aimee Challenor to be the new Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.
Join the party before 29 July to have your vote in the Green Party Elections

Supporting our Local Parties

We're now a driving force in modern British politics, and this is something we should be incredibly proud of. This acheivement is thanks to our local parties, working tirelessly on their campaigns, not just at election time, but around the year. If I'm elected, I will continue to support local parties, making sure that by the end of my tenure, I have visited every local party in England and Wales, as they continue our progress to becoming the UK's 3rd party.

Championing our Values

There are many reasons people come to the Green Party, but all of these reasons fall within our Green values; ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolent direct action, sustainability, and respect for diversity.
I want to ensure we're championing these values at every possible opportunity, ensuring that we have a visible presence in campaigns we agree with, and organising green campaigns on other issues.

Improving our Diversity

In the last Leadership Election, a number of candidates spoke of setting up a Diversity Review. Unfortunately this never came to fruition, what I would prefer to do, and shall work on if elected, is empowering our already elected Equality and Diversity Committee to do this work, and for the Executive to act on their reccomendations.

Growing our Media Coverage

I would work with our Press Team, Spokespeople, and External Communications Co-ordinators, to develop a Media training scheme to be delivered at Conference to local parties to help grow our Green presence in the Media.

It’s important to ensure that this training is as accessible as we can make it to ensure a diverse representation of the party in the media.

I’m also fortunate to have developed friends and contacts in the Media industry during my time as a Spokesperson writing for a number of publications and appearing on different TV News programmes, both at home, and internationally. I would work with these friends to help have more Greens visible in the National media.

About me

I joined the Green Party in November 2014, right at the start of the Green Surge. I was a driven equal rights campaigner already, and I wanted to help make a change in my community.

A friends suggested I get involved in politics, so I looked around the manifestos, and because this was during the Coalition, I instantly ruled out the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats because of Tuition Fees, Austerity, and an awful lack of action on Climate Change. I disagreed with things Labour were doing locally in Coventry, and then I found the Green manifesto. I found myself agreeing with what I was seeing, the policies were radical and inclusive, I could see the Greens were really leading the charge for a better politics, so I proceeded to very quickly join.

When I joined I got involved with the Midlands Young Greens, and the LGBTIQ Greens (as they were called then) I became Chair of the LGBTIQ Greens and pushed for greater visibility of the group, during this time I became the Equalities (LGBTIQA+) Spokesperson, and LGBTIQ became LGBTIQA+ as decided upon by our members.

I’ve been able to help improve our policy on trans rights, equal blood donation, and access to PrEP for all that need it.
I’ve also been privileged enough to be able to take our policies out into the public and champion them, from hustings and Prides to speaking with the media.

When it comes to my life outside of Politics, I’m still a passionate Equal Rights campaigner, sitting on the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, and volunteering for Prism Coventry, an LGBTQ+ Youth Group in my home city.
I’m studying for my BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at the Open University.
I also really enjoy Photography and (if I get time) gaming on PC or console.
I help look after my disabled Mother who suffers with Spinal Degenerative Disease and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.


Sean Mulcahy - Co-Convenor of the Global Greens LGBT+ Network

“I support Aimee for Deputy Leader because she is a champion of Green values and would make history as the first openly trans leader of a UK political party.”

Sean Mulcahy,
Co-Convenor of the Global Greens LGBT+ Network.

Dorothy Nalubega - Secretary for Women-Ecological Party of Uganda

Dear my Green family,

I confidently endorse Aimee Challenor for the position of Deputy Leader of the Green Party in England and Wales.

Apart from fighting for the rights of minority groups, Aimee is the person who can stand out to attest the presence of the Green Party in any situation, whenever given the opportunity.

I have been following and admiring Aimee’s activism work but finally when I got to work with her, in the recently completed International Summit on Violence against Women in Politics (VAWP) in London, I acquired more respect and admiration for her intelligence and dedication to Green principals exhibited in her speech as a Panelist during the VAWP summit and the way she worked closely with us as Greens during the summit, she was so supportive!!! I hence support Aimee Challenor for the position and call upon my fellow Greens to do the same.

Dorothy Nalubega
Secretary for Women-Ecological Party of Uganda,
Chairperson East African Greens Women’s Network,
African Coordinator for Global Greens Women’s Network.

Robinah K. Nanyunja (Hon.Prof.) - First Vice President African Greens Federation

Dear green colleagues,

I take this opportunity to endorse Aimee Challenor to stand for election as Deputy Green Party leader of England and the Wales.

I knew Aimee since two years ago but most especially during the preparations and planning of the Global Greens congress in Liverpool 2017. Later on I have admired Aimee's activism and bold moves in Green politics and fighting for the rights of minorities among others.

I have no doubt that Aimee is the best candidate for this position.

I therefore request you the Green Party friends to accord Aimee any assistance needed to fulfill this desire.

Yours faithfully,

Robinah K. Nanyunja (Hon.Prof.)
First Vice President
African Greens Federation.

Joshua Alston - North Surrey Green Party

“Aimee is a deeply articulate politician, with a boundless commitment to collective liberation. She understands the issues facing young people and can bring those issues to the media.
We need a voice like this as Green Party deputy leader and in national politics to hold the establishment to account.”

Joshua Alston,
North Surrey Green Party.

Jessica Northey - International Coordinator GPEW

“I am writing to offer my support to Aimee Challenor in her bid to be deputy leader. Over the last few years Aimee has worked really hard to increase the visibility and presence of the Green Party – both in the national press and globally, as our Global Greens delegate.
She has bravely and consistently stood up for vulnerable communities in the UK and around the globe - for those who deserve our support. She is a kind and considerate colleague, efficient in all her projects, and a pleasure to work with.
I wish all her success in her campaign and hope to continue to work with her to strengthen the international network of the Green Party.”

Jessica Northey,
International Coordinator Green Party of England and Wales.

Yi Chun-Hong - Green Party of Taiwan Spokesperson

Dear Global Greens, everyone,
I am Yi Chun-Hong, the spokesperson in Green Party of Taiwan.
Here, I am glad to recommend Aimee Challenor to everyone.
In Global Greens Congress, 2017, we had some interactions with Aimee on the human rights issues of LGBT+.
She and other members cooperatively promote NETWORK and I am glad to see Global Greens have a specific position on gender issues, which has a great influence on Asian countries in particular.
Aimee put a lot of effort into this, and I know she is standing in Elections to become the next Deputy Leader of the Green Party in England and Wales. Hope comrades in Green Party would support Aimee so that the value of diversity can be demonstrated in Green Party.
Best Regards,

Yi Chun-Hong,
Green Party of Taiwan Spokesperson.

Simon Ashley Cross

I wish to endorse the candidacy of Aimee Challenor for Deputy Green Party Leader in the 2018 Leadership contest for the following reasons.

Aimee has represented the Green Party and some of the most disenfranchised and under represented people in the UK as our LGBTIQA+ spokesperson with vigour, passion and knowledge for quite some time and is both uncompromising and well informed to a level we seldom see in politics these days. A total asset to the party.

Aimee is one of very few people currently in the party with the courage to stand in light of the way we fail miserably to practice what we preach and select our leaders mainly from the 'middle class' from areas within a short journey of Westminster and generally fail to promote the idea of leadership from diversity and inclusion whilst continually making out that we would actively represent the difficult to reach or the more sidelined people in UK politics.

We spend far too much time and effort in trying to do politics in the same way as non progressive parties such as the Labour Party or Liberal Democrats whilst stating that we offer 'politics done differently'. I suspect, like Magid Magid (Sheffield Mayor) electing Aimee would go some way to proving that we do things differently. Also, it is all well and good representing the equality of women (as very effectively done by Caroline and Amelia) but this is something not unique and both Labour and the Lib Dems are playing that same tune (albeit rather sketchily) We actually need to make certain that we give a voice to disability (13.3 million votes) to Black and Ethnic communities (7.5 million votes) 16 to 25 year olds (7.8 million votes) and a good start would be to properly represent the LGBTIQA+ population and ensure them a voice no other party will (3.6 million people) Aimee will effectively give a genuine voice to this section most overlooked.

If we are to move from being an adjunct to the Corbyn Labour myth and to recarve our place as the most diverse and representative party in the UK we need to reflect in our leadership the disenfranchised in our society by having leaders from Disability, Black and Ethnic backgrounds, younger leaders and LGBTIQA+ representation. Tokenism will not move us away from the false view that we are white, middle class and intellectual only our actions will and electing Aimee to one of the leader roles and developing her already considerable platform as a voice for inclusivity would certainly aid both the party and the cause of equality rights.

I am proud to support Aimee Challenor for Green Party Deputy Leader.

Kind Regards

Simon Ashley Cross

Emma Robson - Sunderland Green Party

I wish to endorse the candidacy of Aimee Challenor for Deputy Green Party Leader in the 2018 Leadership contest for the following reasons.

Emma Robson,
Sunderland Green Party

Liam McClelland - Co-Chair Nottingham Green Party

I’m backing Aimee to become our next Deputy Leader in order bring a fresh and experienced voice to the leadership team. Aimee has campaigned tirelessly for marginalised sections of our community as well as having a lived experience that will benefit the role and the party greatly. Aimee represents change for The Green Party and a step forwards which will help our party continue to evolve.

Liam McClelland,
Co-Chair Nottingham Green Party and 2018 Young Greens 30 under 30 Participant

Ben Samuel - Barnet Green Party

I am proud to endorse Aimee to get your first preference vote. With big deputy leader shoes to fill, Aimee represents much of what I joined the Green Party to do; Anti-establishment, and building a green movement in this country.

Aimee's proved capable at working alongside Sian and Jonathan with specific projects.

I am feeling down after the work of the European Union referendum and the Snap General Election manifesto. Aimee will be different, and more capable. Though relatively young, a conference veteran with a lot of energy and rooted in Coventry in the Midlands makes Aimee a really ideal candidate. Thanks to Aimee's teamwork the Green Party is doing what so many members challenge the leadership to do: to reach out beyond climate change and also tackle other revolutions of the generation we live in.

I've written in previous ballots in London that Dr Shahrar Ali has stood beside us and so on: I still think he'd make a decent London Assembly Member: But Aimee's struggle to get a more representative socio-economic mix in the position of deputy leader is really over-due. Winning more seats off the old parties in Coventry would be a bonus too.

Ben Samuel,
Barnet Green Party

Statement to Voters

Dear Green Friends,

I'm standing to be our next Deputy Leader of the Green Party because I believe we can and will do great things together, because we are already have done great things!

I want to build up our support to local parties, working hard to develop new strategies and get the very best out of our current strategies to fight Parliamentary by-elections even harder than before, growing our local election and by-election work to secure us up as England and Wales’ 3rd party.

By proposing inspirational and innovative solutions that people can get behind, we can maintain our position at the forefront of modern British politics, leading the charge whilst other parties are left to copy our groundbreaking policies.

I joined at the start of the Green Surge in November 2014 because, like many of us, I wanted to make a difference in my community. I wanted to take a stand to protect the planet against climate change. I wanted to fight for Equality and Human rights. I wanted to preserve our NHS. I still want all of those things and many many more, and I believe we can achieve it, together.

I’ve been your Equalities Spokesperson for two years, representing the party at debates, community events, panels, and a government committee, successfully celebrating and promoting our work. I've represented the party on the International stage twice, at a Global Greens Congress and at a Global Violence Against Women in Politics Conference, as well as around the world on social media.

In Elections I’ve stood for the Green Party 4 times; 3 times for Coventry City Council, and for Coventry South in the 2017 General Election.

As part of my Spokesperson work I've been pleased to work both independently and with the Press Team to become one of the busiest current Spokespeople outside of our current Leadership, growing our media coverage.

I’m also a tireless campaigner on both local Green issues, from Coventry’s awful waste incinerator and local recycling to stopping destruction of our Greenbelt and successfully campaigning for a bottle deposit scheme.

We’re meant to do politics differently, and what’s more different than a 20 year-old trans female Open University student from a lower-class background being the deputy leader of a political party? It’s imperative our political institutions are more representative of society, and together, we can make that change.

I'm very fortunate to have had such an amazing role in developing our party, moving forward over the last several years, and it's something I really look forward to continuing to do, I hope in a new role. I hope you have the confidence in me to give me your #1 vote for Deputy Leader.

If you want to find out more, visit my website at or email me your questions at

Thank you

Aimee Challenor

Questions and Answers

If you want to ask a question please, contact me.

What is your view on the current approach to Brexit?
How do you see the Green Party needs to respond if you are elected as a deputy leader?

I consider myself a strong Remainer, I campaigned both as a Green and cross-party for Remain in the Referendum.
I'm strong advocate for a people's vote because many people voted leave for many different reasons and many people vote for different levels of leave.
We're seeing how much damage Brexit is doing not just to our economy, but also legislation with the Government grabbing draconian Henry VIII powers, and pushing away animal sentience, climate action, and human rights.
I also persoanlly cannot accept a Leave vote that was driven by Vote Leave and Leave.EU that have both appear to have broken the law.
I believe the Green Party needs to continue to campaign for a People's Vote, and if we're successful in pushing for a people's vote, I would hope we would campaign for us to remain in the European Union.

I'm also a member of European Movement, and was speaking at a 'Left Against Brexit' event in Birmingham 31/07/2018.

Do you think the party should be closer to Labour, or distinguish itself from Labour?
I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to constantly compare ourselves to Labour, we’re our own party with our unique vision and consistent message to voters. We should focus on spreading the Green message. Having said that, it is important to highlight when other parties see the wisdom of our policies.
"Progressive Alliances" - Yes or No?
It is important we work with other parties on issues we agree on, especially when it comes to our campaigns for Electoral Reform, Challenging Austerity, standing up for Equality, etc. For elections and the suggestion of parties standing aside for one another, then this should be up to local parties to decide. Balancing the need to continue to offer the electorate the options that are best for them, against the potential benefit of any alliance. Local parties are the people who will know the politics on the ground and will know what will work best for their local campaigns.
What will you do in the next two years to fight for equality for those people who are disabled by society?
I would be a part of your campaigns providing support in the capacity that you feel best. I would be contactable and responsive. I've already been fighting locally in Coventry for better disabled access across the city, and I would love to support you in your national work.


The Guardian

‘Yes, I’m trans, but I’m a Green politician and proud of it’

The Canary

"These are the people who could replace Caroline Lucas at the top of the Green Party"

Sunday, 3rd June 2018.

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio

Aimee discussing her campaign to be the next Green Deputy Leader.

Thursday, 24th May 2018.

Aimee discussing her bid to be the next Green Deputy Leader on BBC CWR.

Recently I was on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire talking about my bid to become the next Deputy Leader of the Green Party.

Posted by Aimee Challenor on Thursday, 24 May 2018

Contact me

If you’d like to contact me about my Deputy Leadership campaign, perhaps you have a question, or you want to help out, then you can get me by email at

You can also find me on Social Media :-